Nagtabon Beach

Located just 30 km from Puerto Princesa City, Nagtabon Beach is one of the finest beaches on Palawan. Its proximity to the city makes Nagtabon Beach an ideal choice for beach lovers who prefer to stay close to the civilization, while still enjoying pure nature.

Boat on Nagtabon Beach

What is Nagtabon Beach?

Nagtabon Beach is almost 1 km long with wide sandy shoreline, clear blue water and a cool river merging into the sea. You can easily find a spot where you will see nothing but nature.

Lovely Pair on Nagtabon Beach

There are moderate waves on the beach most of the time, making it one of the cleanest beaches in entire Philippines. You can safely go to the water on your bare feet, and only feel a sand with no corals or seaweed.

Nagtabon Beach, Palawan, Philippines

Nagtabon Beach is still relatively wild: there is no electricity or cell phone signal, and most the time you will only see a couple of people on the entire beach.

Boat on Nagtabon Beach

Most of the shoreline is still natural and not yet developed, making Nagtabon Beach an ideal place to have a break from a city noise in a silence of waves, sun and sand.

Boat on Nagtabon Beach

The beach is opened for everyone and there is no entrance fee.

What to do on Nagtabon Beach?

Enjoy the sun, swim in a pure water and have a long romantic walk on shoreline. There are no Jet Ski, banana boats, parachutes or other kinds of entertainment you might got used to in other places.

Scheme of Nagtabon Beach

While Nagtabon Beach is still mostly untouched by human, there is a small shop near the entrance where you can buy cold drinks and snacks. You can also find a tiny bar on the far right side of the beach (where you can see a small house on a rock).

Boat on Nagtabon Beach

If you have a little of adventure's spirit, slippers, and some luck, you may sneak up to the rock to explore and abounded house, once luxury, and now slowly fading.

There were several beach houses with a table and benches available for rent near the beach entrance, but now the area is closed – so make sure to bring your own towel to sit or lay on.

Getting to Nagtabon Beach

There are no public transportation or tours going to Nagtabon Beach, and the easiest way to get there is by riding a motorcycle. The road was concreted just recently, and now going there is an enjoyable 40 minutes ride.

From Puerto Princesa City's Junction 1 (where Tiki Bar is), take National North Highway and go straight for 23 km.

Turn to Honda Bay

You will pass Robinson's Place, New Market, Honda Bay and negotiate multiple turns on a spectacular mountain serpentine.

Road to Nagtabon Beach

You will also pass a turn to San Carlos Tourist Park.

Turn to San Carlos Tourist Park

When you reach Bacungang, take a left on the intersection. Watch for Bacungang Elementary sign on your left or Angel's Store on your right.

Turn in Bacungan to Nagtabon Beach
Bacungan Elementary Sign

Pass the elementary and an open air gym, and keep right on the next intersection.

Intersection in Bacungan

Then go straight on a nice spectacular road for another 7 km.

Road to Nagtabon Beach

You will see the Nagtabon Beach sign on an intersection (it is really hard to miss).

Sign to Nagtabon Beach

Here a nice road ends. The last mile is a stony dirt road, and especially the last 100 meters may be challenging for some. If you do not feel confident with a motorbike – just leave it on the intersection and walk.

Last mile to Nagtabon Beach on a dirt road

I usually drive on a motorbike to the last intersection, where the road becomes pretty steep, and walk from there.

I recommend booking your motorbike in advance to ensure availability and low prices.

Where to Stay Overnight?

Going to Nagtabon Beach is usually a one-day trip unless you feel an extreme desire to unite with a nature. There is no mobile phone signal or grid electricity there. However if you are confident to spend more than a day in this paradise, there are a couple of accommodation options. Send me a note to book one of those.

Bar and Hotel on Nagtabon Beach

My good friend Joe owns a house on a far left side of the beach. The house has one double bed, living area, restroom and nice veranda with barbeque grill. Joe has recently installed a solar panel giving you a little touch of civilization, unique to the place. Currently it is priced at ₱1,000/night.

Alternatively, you may stay in a castle on the other side of the beach with open-air rooms and flying bridge. However, this unique experience is more expensive.

Stay Safe

There is no lifeguard on the beach, and while waves are usually not high and very fun to play with, for some visitors with children the waves may pose a safety concern. Be sure to tell your kids about a rip currents and escaping from it. Never attempt to fight the current. Instead, either escape it be swimming perpendicular to a shore or let it carry you to a point where breaking waves end. Read more about a rip current on Wikipedia.

Rip Currents

Disclaimer: everything in this article is based on me personal experience, statements are subjective, rates and prices are subject to change.